Thiết bị liên kết quang SFC1100-1V1D/40

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Thông số kỹ thuật Thiết bị liên kết quang SFC1100-1V1D/40

  • Single & Multi-mode Support at the same time
  • Transmits 1-Video, 1-Audio and 1-Data over 1-Fiber
  • RS232, RS485/422 Serial Communication
  • An high-level Audio signal
  • Low Cost High performance
  • Video/Fiber Remote Monitoring(Option)
  • 10bit Video processing
  • Supports RS232, 2 wire or 4 wire RS422/485
  • Power, Video Presence, Data In/Out Fiber Status Sign on LED
  • Video Input with AGC(Automatic Gain Control)
  • Surface Mount Technology
  • Low power consumption
  • Standalone / Module type

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